Why Hire Commercial Lifts Services?

Public and private buildings with more than three floors require elevators for easy and quick movement from one floor to the next. Commercial lifts can either be indoors or out and should be able to handle approximately 750 pounds of weight and above. Safety is an important aspect in commercial elevators owing to the number of people that use them.

Our company has the expertise and experience in lifts for both commercial and residential buildings. We have worked with schools, group homes, churches, apartments and commercial offices in the past and our clients cannot stop talking about our impeccable and quality service. We perform everything regarding elevators including installation, supply and maintenance. Our highly trained team works hand in hand with architects, builders and developers to ensure your building has the best elevators in the block.

Why us?
There are a number of reasons why we have maintained our position as the industry leader in supply, installation and maintenance of elevators. These include:
• Our elevators use geared belt drives as opposed to hydraulics, pulleys and chain used by other lifts. This ensures silence and smooth transportation from one floor to the other.
• Our elevators have emergency buttons, folding toe plates and non-skid decks which guarantee safe carriage of passengers-both with normal feet and those using wheelchairs.
• We care for all passengers and hence our elevator pads are soft enough to press so all people with different ability levels can access them easily.
• Because of weather changes, our lifts operate on a “Zero Load” start system which ensures that the motor runs smoothly whether it’s too hot or too cold.
• Power outages do not affect the normal functioning of our elevators. This is because of a backup battery that lasts long enough to power the lift until electricity comes back.

Contact us today to access those benefits and more. Our customer care is ready anytime of the day and night to receive your inquiries and questions.…